Corporate Partners, Valued Relationships & Communication  

In an environment of constant change, how strong are your valued relationships with your strategic business partners?

Are you able to pick up the phone and speak to your valued partners, as and when you need them? How quickly do your valued business partners respond to you when you reach out for assistance?

Within the financial services industry, we are finding that response times continue to extend beyond what should be fair and reasonable.

What took 24 hours, now takes a week. What took a week, now takes a month. These constant delays end up costing your business both time and money.

If delays occur are you kept up to date? Do your strategic business partners communicate with you by articulating the reasons for the delay, and the timeline surrounding resolution of your request?

At Strategic Investor Group your strategy advice, lending advice and property advice comes with an In-The Loop guarantee. You will never go more than 48 hours without a detailed update regarding your specific requirements.

–  Carl Thompson – Commercial Lending Specialist, Strategic Investor Group