Sydney, we have a problem!

And, it has nothing to do with our addiction to expensive smashed avocado!

Put simply, our problem is our tribe…… there are too many of us, and we are growing faster than we can handle.

Earlier this year, Sydney’s population topped 5 million after adding an additional million people in just 16 years.  Previously it took the city almost 30 years (or double the time) to grow from 3 million to 4 million people.

The result?  Sydney is the only capital city in Australia currently undersupplied for housing.

So what does this city look like when gazing into the crystal ball?

It is projected that Sydney will have a staggering population of over 8 million people in 40 years’ time.  This will require a very robust construction pace, in order to adequately provide housing for the additional 3 million people who will be calling Sydney home.

And now we get to the real guts of the problem. Developers in NSW have been hit with some of the toughest planning rules anywhere in this country, due to the requirements of the Apartment Design Guide that provide guidance on how to adhere to the principals of  NSW’s State Environmental Planning Policy (SEPP) 65.

For instance, 70% of apartments must gain solar access in mid-winter for at least 2 hours between 9am and 3pm, making it much harder for many developments to be approved. There are no such planning requirements in Melbourne or Brisbane.

Add to this, Sydney’s requirement for cross ventilation, minimum space requirements and a host of other regulations that other cities don’t require, and you start to understand why we have a real issue on our hands.

Is it any wonder that those who already own property are sitting tight, or buying more? The net result will be that we will have more renters, willing to pay higher rents, much higher property purchase prices, and we will have to put up with reading about the ‘Sydney affordability crisis’ every time we pick up a newspaper.

 – Kiril Ruvinsky, Director Corporate Partnerships

Coffee with Kiril – Episode 2: Sydney property market imbalance. Why are we still growing?

In the second episode of Coffee with Kiril, Kiril explains how the Sydney property market is imbalance with property demand growing and supply of residential dwellings failing to keep up.


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Coffee with Kiril – Episode 1: Why the Sydney property market isn’t cooling anytime soon

In this coffee with Kiril episode, Kiril shares his view on the Sydney property market and why he believes it is not cooling down anytime soon.

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Strategic Investor Group – FINALISTS

It has been a busy few weeks for our team and we are extremely proud to announce that we have been announced as finalists in several awards, including The Adviser Australian Broking Awards and the REB awards.  Full details are below:

The Adviser Australian Broking Awards

Congratulations to our team and to Maria De Sousa on being finalists in The Australian Broking Awards.

The Australian Broking Awards are the only industry awards focusing exclusively on the leading brokers, brokerages and aggregation groups in the Australian mortgage industry.  The awards are now in their seventh year and will be holding their awards ceremony on Friday 30th June 2017.

Good luck to our finalists…



Loan Administrator of the Year –
Maria De Sousa, Strategic Investor Group




Major Brokerage of the Year – Non-Franchise – Strategic Investor Group




Real Estate Business Awards 2017

We are very proud to announce that our very own Alex Lambros is in the running to take out one of Australia’s most coveted real estate business awards.    Alex has been shortlisted as a finalist in the Residential Mortage Broker of the Year of the nationally recognised 2017 Real Estate Business Awards, partnered by  Alex has won this award for the last two consecutive years.

Now in its fifth consecutive year, the Real Estate Business Awards recognises the industry’s leading agents, property managers and office groups – in a process that is transparent, measurable, fair, accurate and unbiased.

Tim Neary, editor for REB, said the REB Awards serve to recognise the industry’s most innovative agents and businesses – those who are able to flourish in the face of the industry’s ongoing disruptive challenges.

Winners will be announced on 6 July 2017….. Good Luck Alex!



Residential Mortgage Broker of the Year –
Alex Lambros, Strategic Investor Group