Burning Money

Why are you lining the banks pockets?

CBA just announced a record $5 Billion half yearly profit and it’s all because of you!


Despite my lending team calling, emailing & texting every single one of our lending clients multiple times saying we would like permission to approach YOUR EXISTING lender to negotiate a discount on your current interest rate, some people still have not replied.


There has never been a better opportunity to cut a deal with your existing bank than today.

Up until now, the banks divided their business into two categories, namely, ‘Existing Clients’ and ‘New to bank clients’.

The banks use super cheap interest rates to attract new business in the door, however existing clients is where the banks make all their profits. Those suckers typically pay an interest rate considerably higher than the New to bank clients.


However sometime last year, the banks had a stroke of genius, ‘Imagine if we actually kept all our existing clients?’ So, each bank went about setting up a retention team and then made the decision to actually fight to keep their existing clients.

And guess what, it actually worked. We have seen savings in excess of $10k a year for some clients, and all they needed to do was ask. Or give one of our Lending Specialists permission to ask on their behalf.


Since May last year, variable rates have risen 9 times, increasing your variable rate by a likely 3.25%. On a $1m loan that’s an EXTRA $32,500 in interest per annum.

So, if you have a mortgage and you have not negotiated down your rate with your current lender, why are you waiting?

Please get in touch with one of our Lending Specialists today.



Kiril Ruvinsky