Interest Only: PI Rate Movements

The average interest only investment loans with a variable rate have shot up by 73 basis points due to rate movements beginning last November.

These figures, from the latest Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) Statement on Monetary Policy released on 3 August 2017, reveal this increase was caused by a double whammy of rate rises in November and again in June.

“Since May, most lenders have increased their standard variable reference rates for interest-only loans by around 30 basis points and reduced standard variable rates for principal-and-interest loans to owner-occupiers by around five basis points,” the RBA wrote.

The average fixed and variable rates, as well as the associated changes since November, are listed below:

Interest rate Change since Nov 2016
Variable P&I rate
Owner occupier 4.41% -4 basis points
Investor 4.98% +29 basis points
Variable IO rate
Owner occupier 4.98% +52 basis points
Investor 5.46% +73 basis points
Fixed P&I rate
Owner occupier 4.14% +3 basis points
Investor 4.45% +20 basis points
Average outstanding rate 4.63% +13 basis points


– Carl Thompson – Commercial Lending Specialist, Strategic Investor Group